The So Help Me’s are a five-piece existential rock band from Oklahoma City.

Weaving the innovation of niche genre styles into the accessibility of popular music, the band brews a one-of-a-kind listening experience that surprises without perplexing its audience. The So Help Me’s are fronted by harmonizing female vocalists who invite and engage listeners as the guitarist, bassist, and drummer provide a meticulously crafted, often dreamlike backdrop.

“The So Help Me’s aren’t afraid to take chances on The Relativity EP. It doesn’t take an Einstein to realize those risks pay off in a big way. The self-described existential rock band’s debut four-song EP pulls off a dreamy mesh without being overly ethereal…”

OKGazette, May 5th, 2016



The So Help Me’s, formed in 2014, are a unique fusion of individual tastes and experiences. The group’s members hail from all corners of Oklahoma, and their collective schooling in jazz, classical, and contemporary music is evident in their compositions.

Much like the intentional apostrophe in their name, The So Help Me’s aim to subvert in a subtle way. Do their songs complicate simplicity, or do they simplify complexity? Is there a difference?